"I have been using the Rémage skin care line for over 20 years. I have tried different cleansers over that time but always go back to the Rémage cleanser because it works.  It keeps my skin clear and I have not found another cleanser out there that can compare."


~ Abigail Smith

David Alkek, M.D.



Basic Skin Care from Dermatologist, David Alkek, M.D.

Skin care should be easy but necessary for the body’s largest organ that is our protection and the first defense against the onslaught of the environment.  So first use soap-less cleanser. Soaps are alkaline, harsh and drying.   Then use a toner or deep cleanser if your skin is on the oily side, Use a moisturizer if your skin is on the dry side – both with glycolic acid.  This is a natural fruit acid that exfoliates and keeps pores unclogged, as well as keeling the epidermis healthy and increasing  collagen and elastic tissue.    A sunscreen should be used during the day especially in the summer months, but all year long for people with sensitive skin.   At night almost everyone should use a tretinoin (generic Retin-a). This is not only helps acne-prone skin, but in older individuals it rejuvenates and reverses much of the photoaging.    And remember never, never, use a tanning bed or smoke. They age your skin and cause cancer. 

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